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Seminario Filippo Del Bene 29 March 2019

Institut Curie, Parigi - “Regulation of retinal progenitor cell differentiation by redox signaling and disease modeling in zebrafish with genomic specific base editors”

29 March 2019

Seminar Matthew Tucker 26 March 2019

School of Agriculture, Food and Wine, Faculty of Sciences, The University of Adelaide - “Molecular and compositional features of female germline development in flowering plants”

26 March 2019

Seminar Sebastian Andreuzza 15 March 2019

Department of Plant Sciences, University of Cambridge - "Investigating mechanisms of germline formation and differentiation in plants using Arabidopsis as model"

15 March 2019

Seminar Marco Onorati 15 February 2019

Dipartimento di Biologia, Università degli Studi di Pisa - “Human neural stem cells to uncover brain and spine development and disease”

15 February 2019

Seminar Alessandro Rufini 8 February 2019

Leicester Cancer Research Centre, Dept. of Genetics and Genome Biology College of Life Sciences, University of Leicester, UK - “Nipping it in the bud: investigating the mechanisms of colorectal carcinogenesis”

08 February 2019
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