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Young scientist of the Department of Biosciences has won a Fulbright fellowship

Andrea Saponaro, a young scientist of the Andrea SaponaroDepartment of Biosciences, has recently won a Fulbright fellowship to spend 9 months in the laboratory of Filippo Mancia at Columbia University in  New York. During his stay, Andrea will learn to produce and purify ion channels, which are very large membrane proteins that can be studied by single particle cryo-electron microscopy. The goal will be to acquire such technique to apply it in our department in the laboratory of biophysics of ion channels. 



Fulbright fellowships support excellence and are world-renown in academia and culture. A number of prominent established scientists, economists, politicians, artists and literates at the beginning of their career have been supported by a Fulbright fellowship.




23 April 2018
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