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Tuesday 15th October 2019, the Botanical Garden Città Studi will be closed to the public due to adverse weather conditions.



 The Botanical Garden Città Studi is an educational and experimental garden included in the area of a XVI century forsaken farmstead, still called “Cascina Rosa”. The name of this ancient farmstead is due to a noble Spanish family, the Rosales, that bought it during the XVII century.

The premises were officially inaugurated on September 19th 2001; therefore the University got its third academic botanical garden (in addition to the one at Brera In Milan  and the one in Toscolano Maderno on the Garda Lake).

The new Botanical Garden is spread on a 25.000 square meters area and houses several species of plants, both autochthonous and exotic, some of them coming from the old botanical garden in Colombo St.

Being University’s premises, the Garden has been conceived not only to support research and education but also to make an extended access to public view, open to the knowledge of the botanical world.

At the Garden activities connected with the conservation of spontaneous flora are carried on: typical environments of the Lombardy region, one of the richest in fauna and flora species, have been reproduced and many autochthonous species are cultivated there.

Another “plus” of the Botanical Garden Città Studi is represented by greenhouses: three technologically innovative structures addressed to experimental advanced research. These greenhouses have sections with automatic air-conditioning system to contain and  maintain physically and biologically pure all the plant species. These areas are used for international collaborations connected with several programs with EU grants.

Across the Garden there are some trails where is possible to observe various plant collections such as ferns, carnivorous plants, myrmecophyte, succulent, dyeing, aromatics and food plants.

Learning activities are addressed to the students attending the various degree and master courses inside the Athenaeum.

The result is a unit oriented to didactics and research but also open to culture in general, with wide spaces for socialization; the Garden is in fact also enjoyed by many students during their breaks and by a lot of citizens living the neighborhood.


Director: Martin Kater


Opening times

The Botanical Garden is open to the public from March to October:
Tuesday to Friday: 09:00- 17:00

The Botanical Garden is closed to the public on:

25 April

1 May

2 June

Entire month of August

Opening times may be subject to change under adverse weather conditions or public transportation


Entrance: Via Golgi 18



02 50320888 

331 6191217

Website: www.museoortibotanicistatale.it

E-mail: ortobotanicocittastudi@unimi.it 



Rete degli Orti Botanici della Lombardia

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