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From1st March 2021 the Brera Botanical Garden is temporarily closed to safeguard public health, according to governmental measures.


The Brera Botanical Garden is an evocative green oasis, hidden behind the buildings in the centre of Milan.
The Garden has a long history, which starts from the 14th century, and it was founded as the Brera Botanical Garden in 1774-1775. Since then it served as a place for high education in pharmacy and medicine, with particular attention to medicinal species; the Garden is still home to university training and many educational activities for schoolchildren.

The conservative restoration of the late 90s has restored the historic 18th century layout: three sectors are separated by two elliptical ponds; the first two are occupied by a dense succession of flowerbeds that house the collections of medicinal plants, plants of specific microclimates, plants used for food, textiles, dyeing and paper production. The plants are ordered according to a systematic criterion, with special attention to families among the richest in species of our flora. The third sector, restored in 2018, is the Arboretum, where the two majestic historical Ginkgo biloba stand out.

In 1935, the Botanical Garden was annexed to the University of Milan, which still manages it.
Every year the Garden welcomes university students from different scientific, historical, artistic and education fields, and school students 5-19 years old. To all of them a rich program of educational activities is dedicated.
All year round (see opening hours below) the Garden is open to visitors. It also offers extraordinary openings, and events such as guided tours, workshops, exhibitions, book presentations, meetings, scientific coffees, shows, courses ...

The Brera Botanical Garden is a member of Grandi Giardini Italiani (the network of the most beautiful gardens in Italy) and of Rete degli Orti Botanici della Lombardia, the network of botanical gardens in Lombardy.

The Brera Botanical Garden is a Museum, officially recognized under the law.

Director: Martin Kater


Brera Botanical Garden (Orto Botanico di Brera)
Via Brera 28 / Via privata F.lli Gabba 10
20121 Milano - Italy

Tel: + 39 02 50314683

E-mail: ortobotanicodibrera@unimi.it

website: Museo Orti Botanici della Statale

Opening hours:

Opening hours: mondays to fridays, working days, 9:30am-4:30pm


Rete degli Orti Botanici della Lombardia

Grandi Giardini Italiani

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