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The Department of Biosciences is a top-rated research department in Italy and is involved, either as organizer or as a participant, in Bachelor and Master Degree courses in the areas of Biotechnology, Biology and Natural Sciences.
For a complete overview of the teaching courses please see the document “Studying Biotechnology at the University of Milano“ at the end of this page and also visit the websites:


Faculty of Sciences and Technology


The Department of Biosciences hosts a wide range of advanced biological research activities: curiosity-driven science aimed at the investigation of the molecular basis of life as well as more strategic applied research to provide biotechnological solutions for the future. The research areas in the Department include structural biology, biochemistry, enzymology, molecular biology, genetics, physiology, cell-biology, bioinformatics, ecology and evolution, through the study and utilization of a broad variety of model systems including bacteria, fungi, mammals and plants.
Research activities of the department belong to five general scientific areas: Evolution, Biodiversity and the Environment; Cell and Developmental Biology; Genes, Genomics and Proteomics; The Molecular and Cellular Basis of Human Health; Biophysics and Protein Science.
For an overview of themes and research topics and Funded research projects please visit the websites below:



Head of Department: Prof. Lucia Colombo

Deputy Head: Prof. Marco Muzi Falconi

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