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Industrial Biotechnology - Incoming Students  

Teaching activities

In the Faculty of Sciences and Technology, the Department of Biosciences (DBS) is responsible for the teaching and training activities related to the BS programmes (3 yrs) in:

• Biological sciences (almost entirely taught in Italian) - visit the websites 

DBS is also associate Department in the teaching and training activities of other Bachelor programmes in:

• Biotecnologia (taught in Italian) in particular curriculum Biologico-industriale (from 2020-2021 renamed Molecolare e bioinformatico) - visit the websites

• Natural Sciences (taught in Italian) - visit the websites

MASTER programmes (2 yrs) in:

• Biodiversità ed evoluzione biologica (taught in Italian) - visit the websites

• Biologia applicata alla ricerca biomedica (taught in Italian) - visit the websites

• Biologia applicata alle scienze della nutrizione (taught in Italian) - visit the websites 

• Bioinformatics for Computational Genomics, a joint degree with the School of Industrial and Information Engineering of the Politecnico of Milan (taught in English) - visit the websites

• Molecular Biology of the Cell (taught in English)  - visit the websites

• Molecular biotechnology and bioinformatics  - visit the websites

• Plant Science (taught in English) - visit the websites

Training at the PhD level is one of the top priorities of the Department of Biosciences. Therefore, the departmental faculty is deeply involved in several PhD programs in the biosciences field.    


The Department of Biosciences hosts a wide range of advanced biological research activities. The research areas include structural biology, biochemistry, enzymology, molecular biology, genetics, physiology, cell-biology, bioinformatics, ecology and evolution, through the study and utilization of a broad variety of model systems including bacteria, fungi, mammals and plants.

For an overview of themes and research topics and funded research projects please visit the websites below:

Themes and lines research web page

Funded research project web page

Head of Department: Prof. Marco Muzi Falconi

Deputy Head: Prof. Graziella Messina

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