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The Interdepartmental Centre of Advanced Microscopy (CIMA) is an open-access microscopy research facility of the Università degli Studi di Milano. Its mission is to provide the equipment, infrastructure and expertise necessary for all users (Universities, Research Institutes, Companies, Hospitals) to achieve their research goals in Microscopy.  The CIMA originates from a long tradition in Electron and Light Microscopy of the Biological Department' researchers of the University UniMi.

The CIMA was officially established by a Rector’s decree in 2000 that saw the potential of a multidisciplinary research facility in allowing for exceptional collaborations and shared resources and it is located in via Celoria 26 in Milan. The purposes of the CIMA range from the management of complex equipment to support research and teaching to the promotion and the increasing of technical and scientific knowledge in the field of advanced optical and electron microscopy, by means of organization of workshops and seminars. The services offered by the Center are the observation in light and confocal microscopy, in scanning and transmission electron microscopy, and elemental analysis by EELS (Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy) and cryoEM on single molecule. The preparation of samples for electron microscopy is also included.

The association with the Department of Chemistry, which took place almost ten years ago, led to extend the competence also in the field of material sciences and the analysis of X-rays, having the scanning electron microscope equipped with an EDS microprobe.

Since two years ago, the CIMA has been promoting a project created to approach the secondary school students to the world of microscopy by organizing visits to the instruments and labs of microscopy or exhibitions of scientific photography.




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