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We are a newly established unit studying the epigenetic traits of non-alcoholic hepatic morbidities that are highly dependent on dysbiosis and ultimately favor tumor burden.


 Marco Cassano

Assistant Professor in Histology

Email: marco.cassano@unimi.it

Phones: +39 02 503 14801

Address: 7 floor / Tower C

Thesis available: >>>

External links:GoogleScholar Scopus ORCID Linkedin

Keywords: Epigenetic, NAFLD/NASH, Microbiote, hepatocellular carcinoma

Main topics of the group: Our primary research focus aims to unravel the conundrum of epigenetic remodeling in pathological conditions harnessing humanized models of liver conditions. The projects in the lab are multidisciplinary and combine the analysis of genomic datasets (e.g. DNA methylation,16S microbiome) with epigenetic tools and innovative animal models.


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