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The research is focused on the study of the deregulation of the structure/function of chromatin in cancer, to systematically identify epigenetic alterations in tumor cells and exploit this knowledge for optimizing epigenetic therapies based on the use of small molecules capable of modulating the chromatin remodeling enzymes.

Website: https://www.ieo.it/en/RESEARCH/Basic-research/Department-of-Experimental-Oncology/Chromatin-Alterations-in-Tumorigenesis-Unit/

Foto docente  Saverio Minucci

Full Professor in General Pathology

Email: saverio.minucci@unimi.it

Address: Department of Experimental Oncology, European Institute of Oncology, Via Adamello, 16 20139 Milano,

Website: >>>

Thesis available: >>>

Keywords: chromatin, cancer, leukemia, epigenetics

Main topics of the group: Characterization of the epigenetic alterations in tumor cells and development of new anti-cancer therapies

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