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Evaluation of levels, fate, transport and environmental risk for many pollutants classes, mainly referred to emerging contaminants (pharmaceuticals, illicit drugs, nanomaterials), by means biomarkers and functional proteomics, as well as ecotoxicological tests and advanced analytical techniques (GC-MS/MS).


 Andrea Binelli

Full Professor in Ecology

Email: andrea.binelli@unimi.it

Thesis available: >>>

Main topics of the group: cyto and genotoxicity biomarkers, functional proteomics, risk assessment for emerging contaminants, monitoring of some man-made chemicals


 Camilla Della Torre

Assistant Professor in Ecology

Email: camilla.dellatorre@unimi.it

Phones: +39 02 503 14721

Address: Building C, Floor 6

Thesis available: Ask the teacher

External links:ResearchGate ORCID

Keywords: ecotoxicology, biomonitoring, biomarkers, nanomaterials, emerging pollutants

Main topics of the group: Evaluation of mechanisms of toxicity of legacy and emerging pollutants in aquatic species. Biomonitorning studies and evaluation of toxic effects in natural exposure conditions. Application of omics techniques for evaluating changes in the protein pattern and expressing specific genes in response to exposure to contaminants. Enzyme assays for evaluating the activity of proteins involved in the metabolism/detoxification of contaminants, cyto-genotoxicity, oxidative stress and neurotoxicity.


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