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Our studies focus on three lines:

    • Search for new molecular interactors of the human receptor for the advanced glycation End products (RAGE), involved in the etiology and progression of inflammatory and oxidative stress-based diseases.
    • Biochemistry and structural biology of novel imine deaminases (Rid) active in preempting metabolic damage in all domains of life.
    • Regulatory networks of genes/proteins involved in the remodeling of the cell wall in the human fungal pathogen Candida albicans (PHR/GAS multigene families) and in the adaptation to cell wall stress at different ambient pH.  Identification of new molecular targets for antifungal drugs directed against the cell wall and against the adaptive response to cell wall damage.


 Laura Popolo

Associate Professor in Molecular Biology

Email: laura.popolo@unimi.it

Address: V floor/ tower B

Thesis available: >>>

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