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Fermentation Lab  

Since January 2007 is operating a unit of fermentation of microorganisms, located in laboratory dedicated and specially equipped, available both for University’s customer, and for external customer.

The goal of the fermentation lab is to provide the expertise and the equipment to scale up a fermentation process (or production of recombinant proteins) from laboratory scale to pilot scale. 


The equipment consists of:
1) In-Situ sterilizable Biobench Applikon fermentor (http://www.applikon-bio.com), indicated for the fermentation of bacteria and yeasts on a scale from 4 to 16 liters. The fermentor monitors the main fermentation parameters (temperature, pH, agitation, dissolved oxygen and foam). 


2) Separation of the cell fraction from the growth medium by centrifugation. A crossflow microfiltration WINIFLOO apparatus is available for very specific applications.

3) High pressure cell disruptor machine “Basic Z Bench top” of Constant System (http://www.constantsystems.com). This instrument allows optimal cell disruption and excellent control of the temperature during the process.


For further details contact: 

Vittorio Pandini (pandini.vittorio@unimi.it)

Marco Benati (marco.benati@unimi.it)

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