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Greenhouses and field facilities for joint projects or meetings organization  

The Botanical Garden “Città Studi” is a facility associated to the Department of Biosciences of the University of Milan. The Area is equipped with three very modern greenhouses, divided into isolated computer-controlled compartments and allowing cultivation of any plant species throughout the year. Experimental fields are also available during the cropping season. Finally, a small meeting room (30 seats) and a large covered terrace can be equipped for meetings, workshop, outreach and promotional activities.

Areas of activity:

• Plant Genetics

• Plant Molecular Biology

• Systematics

• Research and Development

• Teaching

• Concerts and social events

The Garden supports promotion, outreach, teaching and research activities of plant scientists from many disciplines, including ecology, systematics, molecular biology and genetics. The structure has been refurbished in 2015 and offers state-of-the-art greenhouses and plant growing facilities. Greenhouses and experimental fields are located just next to the laboratories of the Department of Biosciences (DBS), where research labs are located. Scientists of the DBS offer expertise in plant systematics and biodiversity, plant genetics and genomics, data analysis, plant transformation and genome editing technologies. 


Fabio Fornara (fabio.fornara@unimi.it)

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