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Biosciences Imaging Facility (IBIS)  

We are an open-access microscopy research facility (IBiS) of the Università degli Studi di Milano. Our mission is to provide the equipment, infrastructure and expertise necessary for all users (Universities, Research Institutes, Companies, and Hospitals). Our purposes range from the management of complex equipment to support research and teaching to the promotion and the increasing of technical and scientific knowledge in the field of advanced optical and electron microscopy, by means of organization of workshops and seminars.
The services offered by the Center are the observation in light and confocal microscopy, in scanning and transmission electron microscopy and elemental analysis. The preparation of samples for electron microscopy is also included. In addition to microscopy equipment, we also provide access to software and expertise in image data analysis, general microscopy education and a platform for knowledge exchange and networking.

IBiS lab equipment consists of:

1) a transmitted light and fluorescence microscope (DMRA 2, Leica Microsystems);
2) a confocal laser scanning microscope (TCS SP2, Leica Microsystems);
3) a scanning electron microscope equipped with EDS (LEO-1430, Zeiss);
4) a transmission electron microscope with Omega filter (LEO 912AB, Zeiss);
5) a Stereo Investigator system.
6) microtomes and ultramicrotome for Electon Microscopy Sample Preparation

Services provided by IBiS:

1) sample preparation, image acquisition and quantitative analysis through to data interpretation and preparation of figures for publication;
2) Instrumentation and expertise for ultrastructural analyses at the nanoscale level (detection and characterization of nanoparticles and nanomaterials);
3) Elemental analysis EELS (Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy), ESI (Electron Spectroscopic Imaging), EDS (Energy Dispersed Spectroscopy);
4) tutoring and supervision for confocal microscopy acquisitions.

For more specific requests please contatc:

Alex Costa (alex.costa@unimi.it)

Nadia Santo (nadia.santo@unimi.it) Electron Microscopy (TEM, SEM)
Renato Bacchetta (renato.bacchetta@unimi.it) Histology and Light Microscopy
Mariarosa Gioria (mariarosa.gioria@unimi.it) Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM)
Laura Madaschi (laura.madaschi@unimi.it) Light Microscopy (Stereo Investigator System for Stereology)
Miriam Ascagni (miriam.ascagni@unimi.it) Light Microscopy and Image Analysis

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