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Production, Engineering and Biochemical Characterization of Recombinant Proteins  

A complete, state of the art, facility for the production and characterization of recombinant proteins is available, which includes scientific expertise, skilled technical personnel and instrumentation for the design and constructions of protein expression systems in bacterial and yeast hosts, medium-scale fermentation, high-performance purification and structural and functional protein characterization. The same scientific team also has a long-standing record of development of enzyme assays and of study of enzyme mechanisms by combined approaches of protein engineering, X-ray crystallography, absorbance and fluorescence spectroscopies and kinetics under aerobic and anaerobic conditions with special reference – but not only - to redox enzymes.


• Overproduction of recombinant proteins, including enzymes, in microbial hosts.

• Protein engineering by targeted and random mutagenesis. Screening of protein variants.

• Protein purification.

• Structural and functional characterization of proteins.

• Setup of in vitro enzyme assays (spectrophotometric, fluorimetric and radiometric detection; continuous or discontinuous format with FPLC/TLC/HPLC separations).

• Mechanistic and inhibition studies of enzymes ( steady-state and pre-steady state kinetics; absorbance/fluorescence spectroscopies; dynamic light scattering) under aerobic and anaerobic conditions.

Main market applications: Manufacture of fine chemicals, Biofuels, Drug design, Industrial enzymes.


Alessandro Aliverti (alessandro.aliverti@unimi.it)

Maria Antonietta Vanoni (maria.vanoni@unimi.it)


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