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The Didactic Zoological Museum  

The Didactic Zoological Museum has been restored, since 1994, in order to provide the graduate students in Natural Sciences and Biological Sciences with a teaching service of a hands-on examination of naturalistic collections and of teaching materials related to the arguments exposed during  the theoretical lectures. After a starting period of recovery and of good accommodation of the collections, the Museum started to pay attention to the science education both to graduate students of the department, and to people having nothing to do with University.

The Museum became a coordination site for several naturalistic activities, like hands-on courses and field activities, partially given to graduate students and partially opened to external people, in a lab near the museum

In every periods of the year, thematic exhibitions are organized on arguments of zoology, ecology and conservation biology. Moreover, the museum supplies the materials for the practical exercises of macroscopic and microscopic animal anatomy.

A further mission of the museum is the conservation of the historical materials  of the Department of Biosciences. The more precious materials are : 800 Wall Tables illustrating botanical and zoological arguments; one hundred  entomology boxes, dating back to the first decades of XX century, many of which are organized like small dioramas; teaching books and anatomical models.


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