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Teaching activities:

In the Faculty of Sciences and Technology, the Department of Biosciences (DBS) is responsible and co-responsable for the teaching and training activities related to BACHELOR PROGRAMMES (3 yrs) in:

• Biological sciences (almost entirely taught in Italian) -  https://www.unimi.it/en/education/biological-sciences

• Biotecnology (taught in Italian) in particular curriculum Biologico-industriale (from 2020-2021 renamed Molecolare e bioinformatico) https://www.unimi.it/en/education/biotechnology

• Natural Sciences (taught in Italian) - https://www.unimi.it/en/education/biological-sciences


• Biodiversità ed evoluzione biologica (taught in Italian)  https://bioevo.cdl.unimi.it/it

• Biologia applicata alla ricerca biomedica (taught in Italian) https://barb.cdl.unimi.it/it

• Biologia applicata alle scienze della nutrizione (taught in Italian)  https://bionutri.cdl.unimi.it/it

• Bioinformatics for Computational Genomics, a joint degree with the School of Industrial and Information Engineering of the Politecnico of Milan (taught in English) https://www.unimi.it/en/education/bioinformatics-computational-genomics

•  Molecular Biology of the Cell (taught in English)  https://mbc.cdl.unimi.it/en

• Molecular biotechnology and bioinformatics https://www.unimi.it/en/education/molecular-biotechnology-and-bioinformatics

• Plant Science (taught in English) https://plantscience.cdl.unimi.it/en

• Quantitative Biology (taught in English)  https://www.unimi.it/en/education/quantitative-biology

• Biogeoscienze: analisi degli ecosistemi e comunicazione delle scienze (almost entirely taught in Italian) https://www.unimi.it/en/education/biogeosciences-analysis-ecosystem-and-science-communication


The Department of Biosciences is one of the "top rated" Research Departments in Italy:


The Department of Biosciences hosts a wide range of advanced biological research activities. The research areas include structural biology, biochemistry, enzymology, molecular biology, genetics, physiology, cell-biology, bioinformatics, ecology and evolution, through the study and utilization of a broad variety of model systems including bacteria, fungi, mammals and plants.

For an overview of themes and research topics and funded research projects please visit the websites below:




Head of Department: Prof. Marco Muzi Falconi
Deputy Head: Prof. Stefano Ricagno

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