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Type Title Principal Investigators Status Year
H2020_ERC - Horizon 2020_Europern Research Council
Blue light remote analgesia with K+ channels (BREAK)
  • ANNA MORONI loading
Closed 2019
FON_NAZ - Bandi Altre Fondazioni
Applicazioni di Dynamic Light Scattering alla caratterizzazione di proteine, macromolecole e nanoparticelle, rilevanti per la salute umana
Closed 2019
INTLI - Finanziamenti internazionali
An integrative approach to decipher flowering time dynamics under drought stress
  • LUCIO CONTI loading
Ongoing 2019
CAR_RIC - Bandi Fondazione Cariplo
A thorough understanding of the molecular players causing the Skeeter Syndrome
  • LUCIA COLOMBO loading
  • PAOLO GABRIELI loading
Closed 2019
FON_NAZ - Bandi Altre Fondazioni
A novel epigenetic approach to ameliorate muscle homeostasis in Duchenne Muscular Distrophy
Closed 2019
PRIN2017 - PRIN bando 2017
A multidisciplinary approach to gain sustainable improvement of rice productivity through the co-cultivation with the fern Azolla and its cyanobacterial symbiont
  • MARTIN KATER loading
Closed 2019
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