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Type Title Principal Investigators Status Year
H20MC_RISE - Horizon 2020_Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions-International and inter-sectoral cooperation through the Research and Innovation Staff Exchanges (RISE)
Exploring the molecular control of seed yield in crops
Closed 2016
INTLI - Finanziamenti internazionali
Exploration of the effects of novel epigenetic modulators on pathologic REST function: the case of untington's Disease human cellular models
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Closed 2016
ASS_NAZ - Bandi da Associazioni e altri Finanziatori privati nazionali
Epigenetic plasticity of epithelial-mesenchyme transition in breast cancer
Closed 2016
JPI_MIUR - Joint Programming Initiatives_MIUR
BarPLUS: modifying canopy architecture and photosynthesis to maximize barley biomass and yield for different end-uses
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  • LAURA ROSSINI loading
Closed 2016
FON_NAZ - Bandi Altre Fondazioni
Applicazione di tecnologie di rilevazione multimodale a campioni in micropiastra nelle bioscienze
Closed 2016
JPI_MIUR - Joint Programming Initiatives_MIUR
Advanced models of polyglutamine disorders (ModelPolyQ)
  • ELENA CATTANEO loading
Closed 2016
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