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We study the trimeric transcription factor NF-Y, which has similar structure to histones. We characterize structure/function features and the architecture of regulated genomic regions in relation to epigenetic markers, expression levels, and to the partner transcription factors. Finally, we study its different isoforms involved in pluripotency and cell differentiation.

Website: http://www.mantorlab.unimi.it/mantorlab/sito/sito/Home.html

 Roberto Mantovani

Full Professor in Genetics

Email: mantor@unimi.it

Website: >>>

Thesis available: >>>

Main topics of the group: - We use genomic and molecular genetic approaches to investigate promoters and enhancers, and the stemness pathways controlled by NF-Y.


 Nerina Gnesutta

Assistant Professor in Biochemistry

Email: nerina.gnesutta@unimi.it

Website: >>>

Thesis available: >>>

Main topics of the group: - We investigate the structure/function properties of NF-Y and interactions with partner transcription factors with structural and cellular biochemistry approaches


 Diletta Dolfini

Assistant Professor in Genetics

Email: diletta.dolfini@unimi.it

Thesis available: Ask the teacher

Main topics of the group: Through molecular and genome-wide approaches we investigate regulation of gene expression in human and mouse cells.


 Paolo Gandellini

Assistant Professor in General Pathology

Email: paolo.gandellini@unimi.it

Address: 7 Floor Tower C

Curriculum vitae: >>>

Thesis available: >>>

External links:ResearcherID Scopus ORCID

Keywords: non-coding RNA, human cancer

Main topics of the group: Identification and functional dissection of non-coding RNAs (microRNAs and long non-coding RNAs) in human cancer


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