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We are interested in understanding the molecular mechanisms underlying the short and long-term regulation of photosynthesis in the model species Arabidopsis thaliana and Oryza sativa by using molecular genetics, biochemistry and proteomic approaches. We also use Arabidopsis and rice to understand the molecular details responsible for the chloroplast biogenesis. Within the frame of a more applied research interest, we use barley to identify the traits useful to transform crops into dual-purpose plants for the production of both biofuel and grains.


 Paolo Pesaresi

Associate Professor in Genetics

Email: paolo.pesaresi@unimi.it

Phones: +39 02 503 15057

Address: V floor / tower B

Website: >>>

Thesis available: Ask the teacher

External links:PubMed ORCID

Keywords: Chloroplast, Photosynthesis, Biogenesis, Retrograde comunication, Anterograde comunication



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