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The formation of blood vasculature (angiogenesis) is a physiological process during development. However, angiogenesis can be stimulated following injury or during certain diseases, such as solid tumours and neovascular eye diseases. Instead, the formation of new vessel circuits can compensate for the lack of blood flow following ischemia.

Our aim is to understand how macrophages and myeloid progenitors of the immune system promote angiogenesis.


 Alessandro Fantin

Associate Professor in Physiology

Email: alessandro.fantin@unimi.it

Phones: +39 02 503 14952

Address: VI floor / tower B

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Keywords: angiogenesis, macrophages, endothelial progenitors, zebrafish, microfluidics

Main topics of the group:

  • Defining the molecular and cellular mechanisms by which tissue macrophages promote angiogenesis in neovascular diseases, such as solid tumours, several eye diseases and following ischemia. .
  • novel progenitors for blood vessel growth in health and disease.



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