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General overview

The microorganism fermentation facility, housed in a fully-equipped laboratory located in the basement of Tower building A, supplies the necessary expertise and instrumentation for the scale up of microorganism fermentation processes, from laboratory scale to pilot scale.

The facility is particularly indicated for achieving optimal conditions for recombinant protein overexpression.

Furthermore, cell masses can be lysed using a highly efficient cell disrupter instrument. The facility is available to internal users (departmental and University staff), and to external users, to whom appropriate tariffs are applied.

Description of the service(s) offered

Fermentation of non-pathogenic bacteria and yeast, with continuous monitoring of the principle fermentation parameters (temperature, pH, shaking, dissolved oxygen levels and foam).

Cell lysis of microorganism suspensions at continuous flow and high pressure, with elevated efficiency and optimum temperature regulation during lysis.


Description of available equipment

20 L Biobench Applikon Fermentator, complete with a steam generator for in situ sterilisation, and sample loading tubes for sterile sample inoculation and removal.

Basic Z Bench top 0.75KW Cell disruption system (Constant System) at continuous flow (40 ml/min), with a working pressure limit of up to 40KPSI.


For more information contact: vittorio.pandini@unimi.it / marco.benati@unimi.it


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