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General overview

The cell sorting facility is equipped with two FACSAria II instruments (BD Biosciences). The FACSAria II is a flow cytometer that works both as an analyzer and as a cell sorter. With this instrument, it is possible to analyze the immunophenotype of any type of cell and eventually sort rare sub-populations. Furthermore, it is possible to analyze proteins, cytokines or other substances secreted by cells using antibodies conjugated to specific beads. The whole process can be conducted in sterility and the sorted cells can be put back in culture for further analysis. The facility is equipped with a laminar flow hood to prepare samples under sterile conditions. 

Description of the service(s) offered

The FACSAria II are hosted within the Department of Biosciences. Its use is subject to different prices for external users or Department members. Analysis can be carried out together with expert staff. The material for analysis and cell separation are included in the service. 

Description of available equipment

The instruments are equipped with three laser (405, 488 and 633). One of the two instruments has a fourth laser UV that can be used instead of the 405.  Both instruments are able to sort cells directly in centrifuge tubes, cell culture multiwells (6,12,24,48 and 96 wells) and microscope cover slides.


Per richiedere informazioni contatta claudia.bazzini@unimi.it / andrea.barbuti@unimi.it

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