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General overview

The Model Plants Platform is a technological platform of the DBS that allows to rationalize the management of human and instrumental resources and to share services to support scientific research in the plant field.

The Plants Platform provides specific instrumentation and expertise for

1) Genome editing by stable transformation of model plant species such as Arabidopsis, rice, tomato, barley or by transient transformation (VIGS)

2) Preparation of plant material for analysis of optical, confocal and electron microscopy (in collaboration with the UNITECH NOLIMITS platform)

3) Protein interactions analysis through experiments of immunoprecipitation and/or confocal microscopy

4) Polysomal profile analysis

5) Transcriptomic analysis by genome wide analysis from both whole organisms and single cells

It also provides advice and technical expertise for the design and development of new research projects in the plants field.

Description of services offered

The Platform Plants provides a seed bank service for the conservation of germplasm of different ecotypes, cultivars and / or mutants of Arabidopsis and rice at controlled temperature and humidity and "plasmid repository" for the conservation of plasmids for protein interactions, expression of proteins in heterologous systems and fluorescent markers (GFP, mCherry etc ...).

Description of available equipment

Equipment to evaluate protein interactions.

Stereomicroscopes and optical microscopes for routine analysis for transgenic selection and/or expression studies

Confocal and electronic transmission and scanning microscopes - in collaboration with the UNITECH NOLIMITS platform of the University of Milan - for protein expression and interaction analysis.

BioLogic LP system With BioFrac Fraction Collector for the study of the polysomes profile.


For more information contact piattaforma.piante@unimi.it


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