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General overview

The Protein Purification Platform, located on the 5th floor of Tower building C, was conceived with the following objectives:

  1. To offer specialised instrumentation and expertise for recombinant protein purification.
  2. To offer assistance and technical support for the design of new protein purification protocols. 

The facility is available to internal users (departmental and University staff), and to external users, to whom appropriate tariffs are applied.

Description of the service(s) offered

Chromatographic separation on high performance, specialised instruments, to achieve optimal yields and protein purity.

Assistance and support in the planning of new purification protocols.

Description of available equipment

  1. Specialised AKTA-FPLC purification systems (GE Healthcare) for chromatography-based protein purification.
  2. Diverse purification columns of varying dimensions and specifications, with resins for affinity chromatogrphy and all other major purification/separation methods.


For more information contact vittorio.pandini@unimi.it

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