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Educational programs of the Città Studi Botanical Garden  

The Botanical Garden Città Studi is visited every year by hundreds of students  both of the primary and the secondary school, with their teachers.

The education projects offer a wide range of topics, covering scientific disciplines such as botany, ecology, food and enviromental science but also art and history. Using plants in education  opens up important opportunities to inspire teaching  through hand-on activities and Inquiry-based science education (IBSE).

The Botanical Garden also organizes workshops for teachers, as plant-based education supports the use of plants as a tool for both school curricula and lifelong learning.

Lessons are taken outdoor all around the garden and in the classroom equipped with microscopes  and laboratory tools. 

For futher informations and contacts:  Larisa Monteggia +393386139876, edu.ortocittastudi@unimi.it.



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