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Industrial and environmental biotechnology – BIA

The Bachelor programme provides graduates with a solid basic grounding in biology, chemistry and informatics and a good interdisciplinary knowledge of biotechnological approaches that can be applied in various industrial and environmental contexts, in particular: the development of biotechnological processes to obtain products of use to mankind; genomics and proteomics; development of processes for environmental protection and remediation; the development of innovative methodologies in industrial and environmental contexts. Graduates will also gain an appreciation of bioinformatics approaches for the storage, analysis and interpretation of biological data.

Molecular biotechnology and bioinformatics  - BMB

This Master programme provides graduates with an advanced understanding of: the molecular and cellular basis of biological systems, the structure and function of biological macromolecules and the cellular processes in which they participate; analytical and biotechnological instruments and mathematical, chemical and physical methodologies used in biotechnology; good computer and bioinformatics skills regarding the organization, construction and use of databases for genomics proteomics and metabolomics as well as an appreciation of the fundamental techniques used in various fields of industrial and environmental biotechnology.

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